Author's Wishlist

 Author's Wishlist 

Now that my book Managing Linux Systems with Webmin has been released, the best way to make a contribution to the Webmin development effort is to buy the book for yourself!

If you feel like sending a present to the author of Webmin (Jamie Cameron), below is a list of books and DVDs that I or my daughter are currently interested in, with links to Amazon.com or Dstore for online ordering. The ones with lines through them have already been ordered

For delivery, my address is

13 Clarke Place
Mount Waverley, 3149
Phone: +61 3 9802 8919

Remember to notify me if you do order one, so I can cross if off the list below.

Thanks to Len Kawamoto, Nicolov, Paul Rantin, Joe Aldeguer, Michael Brown, Andi Aigner, Bill Lewis, Michael, Tony Baczynski, David Coley, George Pantazis, John Hinton, Mark Rankin, Detlef Dietlein, Dan Hilliker, Joe Holub, Daniel Dainty, James Vasey, Ben Parker, Ron Krisko, Dave Koch, Martin Mewes, Tim Carr, Casey Letizia, Roger Klorese, Cornelius Greyling, David Vavich, Jon Biddell, Lavis Franck, David Lombard, Dee Dreslough, Rolando Roman, James Margrave, Adam Beecher, Illustre Orman, Roger Klorese, Les Bell, Luqman Mahmud, Michelle Rathbun, Tamir Halperin, Ed Luschei, Charles Lerch, Carl Stewart, Ben Keepper, Gareth Davis, Carlton Thomas, Mathew Caughron, Robert Guenther, Christopher Davies, Mark Rankin, Chris Hunsaker, Steve Rose, Eike Winkelmann, David Cook, Maurizio Lovisolo, Greg Messer, Michael Puglin, Bill James, Calvin Ellis and Jeff Natland for sending me stuff so far!

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