Changes since Usermin version 1.250

Usermin Core
When a large file is uploaded, it is no longer read into memory by
Changed the default theme for all installs to the new framed blue theme.
Updated all rows of links (like select all, invert selection, add something) above tables to use a separator between links.

File Manager
Removed the HTML editing button, and changed the Edit button to detect HTML files and launch the HTML editor instead.
Added a button for creating a new HTML file.

Read Mail
Added tabs to the Compose Email page to show the From / To / Cc addresses separatately, so that the size of their fields can be increased.
Added a link to dynamically add new client and server-side attachment fields.
Optimized index used for sorting email, to speed up deleting from large mailboxes.

Scheduled Emails
Cc and Bcc addresses are now also shown on the main page.

SSH Configuration
Added checkboxes and a button for deleting multiple known remote hosts at once.