Changes since Usermin version 1.180

Usermin Core
Added support for DAV clients.

Custom Commands
The output from a command is now shown as it is generated, for commands run locally.
Added a Module Config parameter to change the number of columns used to display command buttons in.

File Manager
Absolute and relative paths like /tmp/foo and bar/foo can be used when renaming a file.
The GD Perl module will be used for scaling preview images, if installed.
User-mountable filesystems can be mounted through the file manager, just like in Webmin.

Protected Web Directories
Added the ability to specify extra directives to be added to .htaccess files, thanks to Charlie Garrison <>

Scheduled Emails
Attachments (such as images or documents) can be added to scheduled emails.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Updated the setup and procmail delivery pages to allow forwarding of spam to an email address.

SSH Configuration
Added support for SSH 2 private and public keys.
SSH 2 authorized keys can also be edited.