Changes since Usermin version 1.140

Read Mail
Added a Preferences option to show a preview of message bodies in the mail list.
All local folders are now sortable, by clicking on headers in the mail list.
When searching, the results are now turned into a virtual folder, instead of simply being displayed. This allows them to be more easily navigated, and for search results to be kept around for a while.
Added a Preferences option to view and compose email messages in a separate window.
When Courier IMAP puts sub-folders inside the ~/Maildir/ directory, they will now automatically appear as mail folders in this module too.

Disk Quotas
Quotas are now show in kB / MB / GB where the filesystem block size is know (such as on Linux).
A graph of usage is now included where possible, thanks to Moses Moore.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Simplified the Header and Body Tests page, to more easily allow the definition of rules using the header, score and describe directives.