Changes since Usermin version 1.130

Change Password
When using PAM to change passwords, restrictions on quality and length are now enforced by Usermin calling the PAM libraries in the correct way.

GnuPG Encryption
A separate signature file can now be selected on the Verify Signed File page.

Protected Web Directories
Added the ability to manage groups too, and to specify which users and groups from the password file are allowed.

Read Mail
Added a Preferences page option to enable buttons for reporting mail as ham (non-spam) on the mail list and individual message page.

Scheduled Emails
Email to groups defined in the Read Mail module now works.

SpamAssassin Mail Filter
Added a new icon for re-configuring where Procmail delivers mail classifies as Spam.

SSH Configuration
Added support for the ProxyCommand, CheckHostIP and Protocol SSH client options.