Changes since Usermin version 1.100

Usermin Core
When installing or upgrading Usermin, password timeouts are now enabled by default. This protects against brute-force password guessing attacks.

Mail Forwarding
If the vacation program is installed, a forwarding alias can be created to deliver mail to the vacation program which then sends an automatic reply. The options which control how the vacation command behaves can be edited using the module.

Read Mail
Added a preference option and field on the advanced search form for limiting the number of messages to search. Useful for users who have massive mailboxes and don't need to search way back into the past.
Added support for requesting, sending and handling disposition status notifications. This is mostly disabled by default, but can be activated on the Preferences page.
Added support for handling delivery status notifications.
Created a new type of folder - the composite, which can combine multiple other folders into one. Useful if you have several separate mail files and want to make them appear as one folder.

Scheduled Emails
First version of this module, which can set up automatic email messages sent on a repeating schedule or single date.